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Black Women Empowerment: The Royals
Voting is Now Open

Vote for the Black women who were nominated as amplifiers in the community, and join us to celebrate our 3 finalists and winners during the Black Women Empowerment: The Royals signature black tie event on August 12, 2023.

*Voting takes place July 21-28, 2023 (closes at noon on the 28th)

(finalists must purchase an event ticket and be present to accept your award if you win)

Woman of Vision Award

This nominee is a game-changer and visionary leader in the community and has a strong commitment to advancing collective power and creating safe spaces and equitable futures for Black girls and/or women.

The Amplifier Award

This nominee consistently engages the local Black community in the creation of an inclusive and sustainable future – amplifying their voices and influencing the culture.


Why do I only see voting for one category instead of two?

We had one Black woman who was the sole nominee for the 'Woman of Vision' award (and was nominated multiple times). She has been notified and will be presented with her award during the event!

How will the winner be selected from the list of finalists?

You (the community) will be able to vote without seeing the name of a finalist. This helps create equitable voting amongst finalists. You will be able to read about the work they have done, however, no names will be attached.

How many times can I vote?

Please vote just once.

*Read their bios below, then vote at the end of this page.

Finalist #1: The Amplifier

She is a scholar, certified full spectrum doula, and RYT 200 Hatha Yoga of the Himalayan Tradition and SomaYoga Therapy Instructor in Central Iowa. 


She believes in empowering Black, Indigenous, and folks of color through community, support, and resource sharing. Powered by the desire to address Black women and infant maternal health, she encourages space for people to control their narratives and share their own stories. She is the founder and Executive Director of her business - a 501(c)3, and provides a cooperative space to mobilize communities and coalition-build to improve health outcomes and center the culture and needs of diverse families in rural communities through education, services, and partnership.


She also organizes a national summer book club, another movement that is restorative healing and connection space, and is the host of her own podcast.


She is a liaison for a doula project that supports Black families and co-creating a doula project to serve immigrant and refugee families. 

What her nominators had to say:

"She is a passionate leader, especially to our women. She gives love and compassion to us women, and empowers us to advocate for ourselves and our health. She is a doula, an educator, a sister and already a mother of heart. She inspired us to change our game in this tough society we live in as Black women."

Finalist #2: The Amplifier

She is the visionary behind the award-winning storytelling platform, which is dedicated to highlighting the lived experiences of Black women in Des Moines and across the state. As the founder and creator, she has cultivated a space where Black
women's wit, wisdom, and words are celebrated and honored.

She further tells the stories of Black women through her substack, which prominently features Black women doing amazing work in the Des Moines community. 
Beyond her work with her storytelling platform, she is the driving force behind her consulting firm -  a small business dedicated to harnessing the profound power of storytelling as a multidisciplinary tool for driving change, fostering awareness, and promoting genuine communication.

She has been featured in the Des Moines Register, Business Record, Iowa Public Radio, and Iowa
Pubic television for her work. She has been recognized as Iowan of the Week by Representative Cindy Axne.


She is a panelist, speaker, writer, and mental health advocate, and believes in the quote by poet Gwendolyn Brooks, “We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond."

What her nominators had to say:

"She has created a unique, unparalleled space for women to share their journey and stories. It has inspired others beyond Iowa ground. She has continued to press forward beyond her personal challenges around loss. The value of what she has created is priceless and necessary."

Finalist #3: The Amplifier

She has entered into her Thriving Thirties, and has been a proud resident of the Des Moines area for 15 years. She is a Valley High School alum, and obtained her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a Master's in Film Editing from the National Film and Television Institute in Accra, Ghana! By day, she is a Correctional Officer, and by night she is the Owner/Founder of of a quilting and fabrics company!


She hopes her work with the Sheriffs department helps her achieve the goal of making change from within. In her quilting and fabrics company, she loves to give the gift of memory that you can wrap in.


She dedicates her time to a non profit organization that promotes Health and Fitness to underserved black and brown youth and young adults. 

What her nominators had to say:

"She is one of the founding members of a non profit organization that fights against systemic racism by eliminating the disparities that Black Americans and other POC face in the health and fitness world. She is an aerobics instructor and swim instructor, and obtained her L1Crossfit Training Certificate. She utilized her knowledge in these areas to engage and teach youth and young adults to participate in these activities to alleviate obesity, diabetes and other health related issues that affect POC, both young and old."

Vote Here for The Amplifier Award - closes July 28 at noon

Thank you for voting! We hope to see you at the event!

The voting period has closed. See you at the event!

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