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You are Your Brand

A Marketing Series for Black-owned Businesses

to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.

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Presented by Keesha Ward,
CEO at Ward Creative Studios

I have been a marketing speaker for companies, such as the American Marketing Association (Lincoln, NE) and the Iowa Center for Economic Success, and have facilitated company retreats on leadership and customer service. In addition, I have developed and managed websites and social media content, and developed branding materials for several university departments, organizations, and my own businesses.


Storytelling, creating, and building connections have been significant in my career - securing more than $12 million through grant writing and sales. I have taken part in team discussions with industry leaders at Crescent Foods, Choice Grain, Keystone Natural Holdings, Sodexo, Dollar General, etc. - examining brands, product pricing, industry success, and quality. One of my passions is providing support to nonprofits and for profit small business owners through business consulting and coaching.

You'll find my photography work published in dsm Magazine and a feature in Iowa State University's Ivy College of Business Prospectus Magazine.

I hold an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from ISU, with a focus in entrepreneurship, marketing, and leadership.

When Black-owned businesses fail or underperform, it adds to the racial gap. One of the reasons why Black-owned businesses fail is due to marketing - not being prepared for the marketing needs of your company, including your ability to reach your target audience.


Save your seat for the topics that support your marketing needs (for aspiring, new, and established Black-owned business owners).

Each Session is $40 per person

In this series, we will cover

1. The Customer/Client Experience

Boost the customer/client experience from their first interaction to the final product. What the customer/client experiences impacts your bottom line.

4. Pricing Your Product/Service

Pricing is the most important component of marketing. Let's put into practice strategies to capture value, revenues, and profits.

7. Social Media Presence

Social media has the biggest impact as an entrepreneur. It’s time to imagine the world from a different perspective to create new and interesting messages as you build and grow your brand (new date).

2. Website Planning

The right website builds opportunities for your brand - design elements determine how your customers/clients navigate with ease. Transform your website without the need to code. 

5. Product 

Learn from an experienced photographer on angles and lighting solutions to take your images to the next level with your mobile device.

8. Event

Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid - small or large - how you promote your event and follow through has a powerful influence on trust and your brand.

3. Stand Out with Your Product/Service

What problem are you trying to solve? What are your product/service goals? Who is the customer/client? Generate solutions at any stage. 

6. Print Marketing

Flyers, posters, banners...get your materials ready for print with clean designs. Learn to develop a print marketing strategy that increases brand visibility.

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